Hall Seniors

Seniors are undergraduate students who have already lived in Imperial halls. They are the chosen ones who will carry out various roles to fuel the hall’s social scene. Our senior team collectively organise many events, form sports teams and the hall committee, put on film nights, provide brunches and butteries and much more.

Having already experienced the fresher’s life also makes them great problem solvers – you can knock on their doors for anything and they’ll be more than happy to help.

Valerio Collepiccolo

(email: vc617)

Hello and welcome to Wilkinson! I’m Valerio and I’m a second-year Physics student.  I was born in Rome but I have also lived in Buenos Aires. I’m really looking forward to meeting you and helping you out during your first year at Imperial!

I’m part of Imperial’s Rugby Club and in my free time I love playing all kinds of sports and going to the gym (1 min away from halls). Hit me up if you want to come along! This year we’ll try to make Wilkinson soccer and basketball teams. Of course, everybody is welcome to join. Apart from that, I also love going out. London is a very vibrant city and there’s always something new to do, during the day or at night. Coming from abroad I loved exploring the city during my first year.

Feel free to come knock on my door or e-mail/text me if you need anything. And if you ever want some good pasta just come find me in the kitchen, I’m always there!

Languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

Alexander Hodges

Hi everyone and welcome to Wilkinson! I’m Alex, a second year physics student.

I’m a big fan of science fiction whatever format it’s in (books, movies, board games). I also try to follow politics, and I’m part of Imperial’s political role-playing club, which is loads of fun. Come find us if you want a different way to engage with politics! We’re super friendly. Lastly, I really like exploring London and finding hidden museums and sights – let me know if you ever want to just go explore the city – just wandering till you find something cool (you always will) is one of the best parts of living here.

Congratulations on getting to Wilkinson – I’m really looking forward to having you all here soon! If you ever want to talk, come find me, – I really like cooking, so I’ll probs be in the kitchen covered in flour, but I’m always happy to talk about all of this and more. Hope you have a great first year!

Languages: English, French, Mandarin (basic), Python, Fortran

María Cardona Sanchez

(email: mdc5017)

Hello everybody, welcome to Wilkinson and congrats on making it to Imperial!! Things are about to get awesome!! I am María, a third year bioeng student from southern Spain (London is not as sunny but has lots of amazing things that make up for the weather).
I enjoy reading, visiting galleries and attending ballets – sounds so intellectual, doesn’t it? I must also confess that I am a shopaholic obsessed with romcoms and make-up – not that deep I know.

I am so excited to be your hall senior this year and take an active part in all the cool events you will enjoy as freshers. I love organising parties and have a “birthday box” full of decorations for whenever there is something to celebrate, so be ready.

I am sure you will love the experience of living in halls. If you ever need anything, just knock on my door or text me, I am always up for a chat : )

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian (basic).

Isabelle Zhang

Hi everyone! Welcome to Imperial, welcome to Wilkinson. My name is Isabelle and I’m a second-year Biochemistry student.

I love politics, crossword puzzles, and… organizing things – I’m constantly in the process of sorting out my own chaos, and if you ever need someone to help sort out yours just knock on my door. I also loovve a good conversation, don’t be scared to talk to me about anything, like, literally anything.

Other than hall senior I’m also undertaking several other roles with the Union, like being one of the editors our student paper Felix and Department Representative for Biochemistry. If you ever want to get involved in our lively Imperial student community, which I highly recommend, I’d be delighted to help you find your way.

I know that sometimes life can get a little busy, a little overwhelming, a little too much. Just come by my room whenever and we can chat it all out, no stress. I really hope you have a wonderful first year!

Languages: English.

Nikita Sarker

(email: nikita.sarker18)

Hello and welcome! I’m Nikita, a second year EIE student all the way from north London. So if you need any tips about living in the city or want some recommendations, I’m your gal.

I love music and play the double bass in two Imperial orchestras (which you should definitely join if you play an instrument already or if you want to start playing one!!). I also enjoy travelling, watching Spanish dramas, and observing mindfulness. Btw, I lived in a twin room last year so feel free to ask me for advice on how to be the best roommate ever. See you soon, and enjoy your stay at Wilkinson.

Languages: English.

Alexander Venetidis

(email: gav17)

Hello dearest freshers! I’m Alexander and I’m from Greece. I’m a third year EEE student, so don’t be surprised if you see me snacking on AA batteries in the kitchen (our main source of essential nutrients).

Some pros and cons about me:

Pro: not afraid of spiders (will chase them out of our floor once and for all)
Con: afraid of bees 🐝 (will run out of my room screaming like a little girl if one gets in)

Pro: can cook wonderful creations and likes sharing food 👨‍🍳

Con: will try to enslave everyone to do the dishes and attempt Wilkinson domination

Pro: competitive weightlifter 🏋️

Con: uses friends as weights and peer pressures others into protein tasting seshes

Pro: small % of people think I’m funny

Con: small % of people think I’m funny

Apart from that I’m a big foodie, so expect loooots of floor dinners as well as me sharing my culinary adventures in the kitchen with you, or knocks on your door as I offer you one of my experimental cookies or cakes with secret ingredients 👀👀

I also really enjoy fashion and shopping in general, so feel free to join me on my totally-not-shopaholic tendencies, or to have some fun doing photoshoots! (Pssst follow me on insta @alessandro_veneti)

Atm getting into dancing a lot, so if you’re curious or wanna get down in breaking, popping, or house, just knock on my door and tell me to get off my lazy ass😎

Looking forward to having y’all at Wilkinson this year!!

Languages: C++, Python, English, French, Greek and Spanish.

Holly Monkhouse

(email: hm3417)

Hello I’m Holly, a final year biochemistry student from Cumbria, (up north.) This is now my third year living in Wilkinson Hall! In my freetime I enjoy watching various different films and taking lots of photos. I try to keep up to date with current affairs from around the world and I enjoy learning about different cultures. I love exploring different places in London, especially museums and galleries. If you ever fancy seeing the sights, let me know too!

Moving away to university is a huge change and as a hall senior, I want to make your first year of university as enjoyable as possible. If you ever find living away from home overwhelming, don’t hesitate to come and see me, because I understand what you’re going through.

Languages: English and German (basic).

Anjanette Celine

Hi and a big welcome to Wilkinson and Imperial! I’m Anjanette, but you can call me AJ (since it’s easier to pronounce!). I’m a 3rd year EEE student from Indonesia.

I enjoy playing the guitar, reading books and (binge) watching tv-series/movies, so if you have any good movies to recommend please do! I love ice -skating, table-tennis and Muay Thai, which I started learning recently. I love challenges and doing new things, so feel free to invite me to any clubs/societies if you want company. I enjoy cooking food; I love eating food even more! so I’ll be sure to see you around in the kitchen.

I’m excited to be your Hall Senior and I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!