Hall Seniors

Seniors are undergraduate students who have already lived in Imperial halls. They are the chosen ones who will carry out various roles to fuel the hall’s social scene. Our senior team collectively organise many events, form sports teams and the hall committee, put on film nights, provide brunches and butteries and much more.

Having already experienced the fresher’s life also makes them great problem solvers – you can knock on their doors for anything and they’ll be more than happy to help.

Leonardo Garofalo

Hi people! I’m Leonardo and I’m a second-year EIE student. I’m from Italy, I love travelling and trying out new foods 😋

I am really into extreme sports so if you see someone practicing backflips in Princes Gardens or training on gymnastics rings at Ethos you can be pretty sure that’s me! I enjoyed skateboarding during my early high-school years and found that It’s a great way to explore London. Hmu if you want to come along for a skate session at Southbank (there’s a shortage of skaters at Imperial!!).

I also practice the acrobatic side of break-dancing (powermoves) and last year I was part of the committee of the calisthenics society. If you want to join me for a work-out with national champions at Royal Oak calisthenics park, or just want to get into any of the sports mentioned above don’t be intimidated and knock on my door!

Looking forward to having y’all at Wilkinson this year!!

Languages: Italian and English.

Alexander Hodges

Hi everyone! Welcome to Wilkinson and Imperial (though Wilkinson is the major accomplishment). Congratulations on making it here through our pandemic year.

I’m Alex – a third year physics student, historical reenactor, & aspiring mad scientist. I spend my time running Imperial’s MUN society, wandering around the city (you almost always find cool new tiny museums or buildings), and in the kitchen fighting with pastry. If you ever want to join in or someone to go try a new society with, I’m usually free!

I’m usually around or in the kitchen (or can be found on Teams, this year), so if you ever want to talk – whether it’s about how uni is going or the latest science news I’m excited about – I’m always available. This year will be different, but I’m still looking forward to sharing the things I love about Imperial and the city. See you soon!

Languages: English, French, Python, Mandarin (basic)

María Cardona Sanchez

Hello everybody, welcome to Wilkinson and congrats on making it to Imperial!! So, things are a bit different this year, but we’re still going to try to make everything possible so that you all have the best first year ever! I am María, a final year bio-eng student, this is my third year in Wilkinson and fourth in Imperial so I’m happy to share all my wisdom and experience with you guys – I can tell you I’ve learnt a lot and not only about things related to my course.
About me: I’m from southern Spain (London is not as sunny but has lots of amazing things that make up for the weather). I enjoy reading, visiting galleries and attending ballets – sounds so intellectual, doesn’t it? I must also confess that I am a shopaholic obsessed with rom-coms and make-up – not that deep, I know.
I am sure you will love the experience of living in halls. If you ever need anything, just knock on my door or text me, I am always up for a chat : )

Languages: Spanish, English, French(basic), Italian (basic).

Cristina Riquelme

Hi everyone and welcome to Wilkinson! My name is Cristina (you can call me Cris) and I’m a second year Medical Biosciences student from Spain so if you want to practise Spanish feel free to talk to me 😉

I love sports. I think there’s no sport I don’t like. I’ve always loved playing basketball but I recently discovered cheerleading. It’s so cool! You should definitely join Imperial College Titans Cheerleading. Apart from that I really enjoy fashion and travelling. I want to keep exploring different places in London as I did last year so feel free to join me. I can also give you some tips and recommendations for places to visit in the city.

I know moving away to university is such a huge change and with COVID-19 circumstances is even more but I’ll try to make you feel like if you were at home. If you ever need anything just knock on my door or text me! I’ll always be there 😉

I’m very excited to be your Hall Senior and can’t wait to meet you all! Wilkinson is waiting for you! I hope you have a wonderful first year and enjoy living in halls as much as I did.

Languages: Spanish, English, Catalan and French

Nikita Sarker

Hello and welcome! I’m Nikita, a third year EIE student all the way from north London. So if you need any tips about living in the city or want some recommendations, I’m your gal.

I love music and play the double bass in two Imperial orchestras (which you should definitely join if you play an instrument already or if you want to start playing one!!). I also enjoy watching Spanish dramas, observing mindfulness, and of course VLOGGING!! Catch me in the kitchen filming myself burn rice.

I this year is a bit different but if you ever need to talk, knock on my door or send me an email! See you soon, and enjoy your stay at Wilkinson.

Languages: English.

Igor Zemunovic

Hello everyone! My name is Igor, and I am really excited to meet you all soon!
A bit about me:

  • While I am from Serbia, I have spent the majority of my life in Japan.
  • International Baccalaureate alumnus.
  • Second year Mechanical Engineering (will gladly help any fellow Mech Eng students)!
  • Have been swimming competitively for 10+ years and am a huge enthusiast of the sport
    (Expect me to promote Imperial College Swim & Water Polo profusely).
  • A gym enthusiast; Ethos (Imperial’s Sports Center) is practically my second home.
  • Otherwise enjoy cooking, photography, racquet sports, video games, exploring London,
    nightlife, juggling, solving a Rubik’s Cube and movies.

Once again, I congratulate you all for your admission to Imperial, and I look forward to a
great (albeit different) year at Wilkinson. I will always do my best to support you, so feel free
to contact me!

Languages: English, Serbian, Japanese, basic Hungarian and Python

Haydon Leung

Hi there, I’m Haydon, a second-year maths student from Essex (very exotic!). Congratulations on making it to Imperial and welcome to our wonderful Wilkinson family!
Cooking and baking are among the two things that take up most of my free time so you can always expect to find me in the kitchen. I also enjoy politics which I think counts as my mandated semi-intellectual activity! However, I do have a bad habit of going around London eating *slightly* more dessert than I should so feel free to hit me up for the best spots to satisfy your sugar cravings!
The transition to university can be a challenging one and everything can be quite overwhelming at first – especially given the extra limitations this year. Don’t be shy to come by and drop me a message if you need help with something: I’m always free for a chat! Hope to see you all soon!

Languages: English, a little bit of Cantonese and whatever fragments of Classical Greek A level I can remember!

Anjanette Celine

Hi and a big welcome to Wilkinson and Imperial! I’m Anjanette, but you can call me AJ (since it’s easier to pronounce!). I’m a 4th year EEE student from Indonesia.

I enjoy playing the guitar and the piano (still learning), reading books and (binge) watching tv-series/movies, so if you have any good movies to recommend please do! I love ice-skating, table-tennis, and dancing. I love challenges and doing new things, so feel free to invite me to any clubs/societies if you want company. Thanks to lockdown I was able to explore my love for cooking and baking, and more importantly my love for eating food! I’ll be sure to see you around the kitchen.

I’m excited to be your Hall Senior and I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!