Info & Advice

The College has an excellent set of online resources on The Student Space webpage, which provides really good advice and information on all aspects of student life.

Below you will find some very useful pages and documents related to living in halls. Well worth a read before you get here so you are well prepared! You will need Adobe Reader to read some of the following documents.

Spending time away from Hall? Let us know about overnight absences from Hall by filling this form. Overnight guest staying in Hall? Let us know about your overnight guest by filling this form. Guests are not allowed in twin rooms.
Staying in for the night? See our DVD and Games Catalogue. Just find a Hall Senior when you’ve chosen! History of the Halls. Have a read about the history of Wilkinson Hall.
The Hall Rules. A must read before you get here, these rules will be enforced by the wardens! Wilkinson Freshers’ Handbook. A brief and entertaining introduction to the hall. Well worth a read! Also find here a list of what to bring to Wilkinson
Report a Defect. If anything in your room or on your floor is not up to standard, simply report it online and it will be taken care of. Simples. Laundry. The laundry room is on B-floor. You will get a laundry card on arrival and instructions for how to use it are available in the laundry room.
Imperial New Students Webpage. Check-out the College’s webpage for new students. Halls Insurance Policy. Please refer to your College Accommodation Licence for details of insurance cover.
London Tube Map. This is the map you need to navigate all around London by tube. London Bus Map. Here you can find information on all London bus routes. Night buses can be very useful for when the tube is closed! The nearest buses include 360, 9, 10, 52, N9, 452, 701, 702, 14, 74, 414, C1, N74, N97.


Have a look at all the places around Wilkinson Hall that you will enjoy while living here: