History of the Halls

Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson (1921-1996)
Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson (1921-1996)

Wilkinson Hall was founded in September 2009 as part of the new Eastside development in Prince’s Gardens at Imperial College London, replacing the old Linstead hall that was on the site for the last half-century. Linstead hall lives on as the southern-most hall in the Eastside development, and is joined by Wilkinson Hall (Eastside-North) and Gabor Hall (Eastside-Central).

Wilkinson Hall is named after Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson who was Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Imperial College London. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1973 for his work on organometalic sandwich compounds. He is perhaps best known for the catalyst named after him, a rhodium metal complex with three large phosphine ligands coordinated to the metal centre – Rh(PPh3)3Cl.

Weeks Hall


Weeks Hall resulted from a generous donation in the late 1950s by the famous British engineering firm Vickers. The Hall, which was home to the Vickers scholars, was inaugurated in 1959 and was named after the previous chairman of Vickers, Brigadier Weeks. The Hall motto Praesto et Persto is Latin for “I stand first and I stand firm”.

Weeks Hall is a unique Grade II listed building. Vickers spared no expense and included a number of very innovative features for the time, including: only the second glass passenger lift to be built in the UK, and the first to have a small window (now gone) for which special permissions had to be granted and which caused great sensation at the time; a light column, made up of a series of fluorescent lamps, from the basement to the top floor; a unique and novel elliptical spiral rear staircase that was cast in situ; and frameless window corners at the extremity of the building.

Weeks Hall was closed as an undergraduate hall of residence in the summer of 2015.


Dr Bradley Ladewig (2017-)

Abigail Ackerman (2014-)
Eve Chan (2016-)
Charles Houston (2017-)

Hall Seniors
Eloise Hunt
Joshua Lovell
Zacharias Malguitou
Angus Robertson
Leigh Shlomovich
Ana Villanueva Ruiz de Temino

Former Wardens
Dr Arash Mostofi (2009-2017)

Former Assistant Wardens
Dr Mirko Kovac (2014-15)
Dr Ryan Bayliss (2013-14)

Former Subwardens
Stu McCluskey (2014-2017)
Franca Hoffmann (2014-2016)
Ben Reeve (2013-2015)
Sei Howe (2013-2015)
Tas Rahman (2013-2015)
Katherine Banks (2012-2014)
Stefanie Glassford (2010-12)
William Ferguson (2009-12)
Oliver North (2010-12)
Diogo Geraldes (2009-11)
Hannah Theodorou (2009-10)
Marina Economidou (2009-10)

Former Hall Seniors

Wilkinson 2016-17
Liam Duan
Christian Eichhorn
Dervla Hynes
Jannie Khoo
Philip Kurukgy
Zacharias Malguitou
Manni Sadhra
Leigh Shlomovich

Wilkinson 2015-16
Emma Dixon
Lily-Mae Fisher
Vaibhav Krishnakumar
Philip Kurukgy
Zacharias Malguitou
James Patrick
Leigh Shlomovich
Utsav Tiwary

Wilkinson & Weeks 2014-15
Ravina Bains
Haroon Chughtai
Victor Clement
Lily-Mae Fisher
Yixuan Liu
Lorenzo Paoliani
Lizzie Riach
Guy Riese
Kathryn Sayer
Peter Schindler
Joss Thomas
Utsav Tiwary

Wilkinson & Weeks 2013-14
Cécile Borkhataria
Elizabeth Campbell
Emma Dixon
Lawrence Thien Guo
Long Kou
Matthew Murchie
Zoë Pierre
Amer Qaiyum
Guy Riese
Alan Rodriguez Villares
Joel Russell
Peter Schindler

Wilkinson 2012-13
Emma Dixon
Zulfiqur Khan
Nitin Nihalani
Maithreyi Raman
Christopher Roberts
Peter Schindler
Camille van Hoffelen

Wilkinson 2011-12
Karmen Chiu
Juliette Chupin
Josh Colombi
Sandra Halim
Zulfiqar Khan
Nitin Nihalani
Christopher Roberts
Thomas Than

Wilkinson 2010-11
Alexandra Abel
Karmen Chiu
Sahil Chugani
Disha Dewan
Florin Iancu
Mevani Jagodade
Iain Pendergast
Nathan Solomon

Wilkinson 2009-10
Sahil Chugani
Rachel Crane
Leslie Eshun
Clement Ferrat
Mevani Jagodade
Iain Pendergast
Carlotta Ridolfi
Nathan Solomon